Peter Bailey has over 30 years’ experience and expertise in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the delivery of pre-hospital emergency care, paramedical education and equipment. Peter, started his first company in paramedic training, consulting and a private ambulance service focussing on the paramedical and medical services at events in 2000.

Peter has been involved in EMS projects throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Hong Kong, Nigeria and the USA.

Event Paramedics and Onsite Medical Services has gone on to be involved in work around the world and his company supplies paramedical and medical staff to some of the major events in Australia

For 5 years prior to establishing his company, Peter was the first Graduate Program Coordinator in Paramedics and Pre-Hospital Care at Victoria University in Australia. As the leader of this ground-breaking program, Peter oversaw the development and implementation of a suite of programs for paramedics and health care professionals from around the world.

For 10 years prior to working at Victoria University, Peter was a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria working in regional and metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Australia.